Our Cuisine

A carefully thought out and elaborated proposal

Daily Menu

27-31 March


Lettuce hearts salad with smoked sardines and pickled onions

Shrimp risotto with crispy parmesan cheese

Pumpkin cream with 65º egg and crispy ham—
Wok noodles with vegetables and chicken


Chicken breasts stuffed with ricotta, basil and walnuts

Sea bass in hollandaise sauce

Pork cheeks with port wine and shallots

Stuffed au bergines


 Choice of home made desserts

The men u includes a drink, brea d and dessert /coffee
Wine: Tinto-Crianza/ Blanco/ Rosado included

16,50 € iva inc.

Txuleta Mettxa

Steak Menu

Menu includes bread and beverage

House appetizer

Fresh salad

Homemade croquettes

Grilled Galician beef steak

French fries and Padron peppers (local small green peppers)

Selection of homemade desserts

40 €/person iva inc

Weekend Special



Tapa with gazpacho, anchovies and ham

Starters (all included)

Steak Tartar

Green rice with clams

Main course to choose from

Roast beef with salad and potatoes

Squid stuffed with shrimp velouté

Desserts to choose from

Ferrero Rocher cake

Puff pastry with cream and fruits

Menu includes wine, water and bread
Wine:Rueda/Cordovín/Crianza (1 bottle for 2 people)

31 € iva inc.

Our menu offer


Burrata salad with red pesto and honey – 15€

Salad with blue cheese, pear, figs and walnuts – 14€

Belly-cut of Bonito tuna on sliced fresh tomato – 17.50€

Beef jerky, D.O. León with olive oil, parmesan and toast – 15€

Iberian ham with toasted bread
and tomato (“pan-tumaca”) – 18,50€

Foie gras micuit with toast and jellies – 18€

Citric tuna tartar – 16€

Homemade croquettes: ham, mushroom or baby squid – 1.80€/each

Hummus with vegetable crudités – 14 €

Cous cous with vegetables – 14 €


Home marinated salmon with dill mayonnaise – 16€

Our octopus, served with sweet potato mash – 21€

Salt cod in Biscayan Sauce – 21€

Tuna tataki with caramelized onion and wasabi – 20€

Our squid (in ink sauce) – 16€

Cod “ajoarriero” (in oil and peppers) – 17€

Black rice with prawns and alioli (garlic mayonnaise) 16€


Beef entrecote with french fries and local peppers: – 18€

Beef sirloin steak with fries and roasted peppers:
· With foie medallions – 28€
· With black pepper – 24€

Pork knuckle in red wine with mashed potato – 18€

Duck magret with reduction of Pedro Ximenez  sherry and red fruit – 22€

Slow-cooked lamb with yogurt sauce – 18€

Tripe “a la Vizcaína” – 17 €

Stewed oxtail – 20€

Suckling pig – 20€

Fried eggs with serrano ham and chips – 13€

Our Desserts

Our cheesecake in a glass – 5.50€

Ferrero Rocher cake with Baileys ice cream – 6.50€

Caramelized French toast with vanilla ice cream – 6.50€

Patry-Cream served with hazelnut ice cream – 6.50 €

“Gelati Gelati” ice cream – 5.50€

French cheese-board
(served with walnuts and candied figs) – 17€
Raclette, Cabra Aramits, Fromage Iraty, Bleu y Brie de Meaux 

More than Snacking

Fried calamari – 7,50€

Fried potatoes, with spicy and alioli (Sauces on the side) – 6€

Smoked sardines – 7€

Homemade croquettes, Ham, Mushrooms, Baby squid – 1,80ud

Crispy vegetable and goat cheese stuffing with sweet chilli sauce – 7,50€

On fresh toast: Iberian ham with fresh tomato, Smoked salmon with dill mayonnaise, Beef jerky from León with parmesan shavings – 3,75€/ud

Scallop au gratin baked in the oven – 3,80€

Small casserole ration – 5,50€

Green asparagus in black ink tempura with romesco sauce – 7.50€

Beef cheek tacos in a yogurt sauce – 2ud/8.50€

Micuit with toasted bread and mango coulis 15€

Tuna belly fillets on tomato slices – 16€

French cheese-board (Served with walnuts and candied figs) – 17€
Raclette, Cabra Aramits, Fromage Iraty, Blue & Brie de Meaux

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