What we believe in at Mettxa

Quality product & innovative cuisine, in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere

Our understanding of the business is one of stability, perseverance and savoir-faire. Our staff has been carefully selected for their engagement in the values that we want to be our brand.

Chef Mikel Alvárez

Love for the open fire, the charcoal, the holm oak...

Our head chef, Mikel Alvárez, a multiple award-winning chef, provides the difference to our gastronomic offer.

He is passionate about seasonal and market produce and cuisine, always innovating ideas that enhance the natural and traditional flavours. From the beginning of the project, he has been committed to creating a team and doing his utmost to ensure that Mettxa earns a well-deserved recognition for good food and a good atmosphere.

Convinced that there is still work to be done, there is always room to grow and to project ideas so that tradition and the avant-garde always come together in his cuisine.